Friday, 5 October 2012

T’Nung Lake – Climbing to the mountain to contemplate “sea”

T’Nung lake is the precious pearl of the mountainous city of Pleiku that make anyone having ever put his foot on Central Highlands even once unforgettable

 A flat-asphalted road leads up the whole way through narrow passages of steep rocks, which raise the bush of brightly yellow honeysuckle to T’Nung Lake. This lake is the crater of a volcano that became extinct millions of years ago. And it has the oval shape and especially is divided into 2 parts by a piece of land stretching away to the center of lake; therefore, it is considered as peninsula. 

The lake’s area is about 280 hectares and an average depth of about from 16 to 19 meters, reaching 40 meters at its deepest. Perhaps, due to being situated on the top of an old extinguished volcano that isn’t hidden by the surrounding range of other mountains and immense pine forests, standing on the banks of lake makes tourists have the strong feelings of being at the sea-side and fully immersed in the cool sea wind. T’Nung Lake that makes its water increases dramatically in the rain season. Thus, the name of T’Nung was born with the meaning of “sea on the mountain”. Or people still usually call it with the second name of “Sea Lake”.

Perhaps the name of “ Sea lake” itself expresses the desire of locals here. Because Pleiku Plateau is located nearly 1000 meters above the sea level, there isn’t any droplet to exist in this mountain according to the principle. And this is real reason why people here have a strong desire for water and sea. Therefore, the existence of T’Nung Lake in the high mountain makes it have the second name of Sea Lake.

Anyone having ever come here even once agrees that T’Nung Lake has a strong attraction thank to not only the charming beauty of a vast expanse of water together with the blue sky and white cloud but also the rendezvous place of flowers, birds and fish, from the most humble to the most precious species. In spring, they all bloom and bring vivacious colors and life to the greenness of the environment and the softness of the blue sky. Wandering the narrow tracks around T’Nung Lake, visitors will encounter many species of birds, from the most ordinary to the most exotic. At sunset, the lake becomes even more alive with the familiar noises made by flocks of birds in their rush back to their nests.

T’Nung Lake is also called the fish basket of the Central Highlands. The lake is home to various kinds of carp, from red-eyed carps to black carps. Through the limpid water of the lake they can be seen gliding swiftly and gracefully along among the algae.

Visitors can discover T’Nung Lake by boat, but they can also choose to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of T’Nung from the back of an elephant. In the evening, they can share a dance, a song, or some can wine with some of the local ethnic people, while listening to their traditional gong music.

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