Monday, 15 October 2012

Mu Cang Chai's Autumn

Yen Bai Province’s Mu Cang Chai District in autumn becomes a major attraction as people come to experience the amazing landscapes created by brilliant gold-green rice terraced fields with their ripe rice harvests.

Mu Cang Chai has 13 communes and one town, crowned by ranges of terraced fields.
It would take days to trek through these villages in order to explore this ingeniously crafted landscape, lovingly moulded by local Mong people.
Photos taken from Mu Cang Chai in autumn:
Terraced golden rice fields
Highland town bathed in a ‘golden autumn’
A harmonious picture
Spotted yellow from a far distance
A closer look offers more brilliant yellow
Mong people preparing for the harvest
Good crops
A hut on the terraced fields
A tortuous stream adds to the beauty
Children greeting visitors
Mong people create a natural ‘masterpiece’

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